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Understanding Dental Functions Based on Types

Teeth are one of the most powerful parts of the human body. Teeth are made of protein and minerals, and calcium. In general, the function of teeth plays an important role in chewing food, and helps you to speak clearly. There are several types of teeth arranged in the oral cavity with their respective functions. Each function of the teeth works together with the tongue organ in processing and digesting food into the throat.

Various Functions of the Gear According to its Kind

Normally, every human being has four types of teeth called incisors, canines, premolar teeth, and molars which include wisdom teeth. In children the total number of teeth is as much as 20, while the number of adult teeth increases to 32. Each type of tooth has a slightly different shape and has their respective functions. The following functions of the tooth based on its types:
  • Incisors

  • Incisors are located in the front position of the mouth which play a role in biting food. Generally, each person has four incisors located at the top and four at the bottom. Incisors are usually the first teeth that appear when a baby is 6 months old.
  • Canine tooth

  • Canines are the sharpest teeth that have the function of chewing and tearing food. Everyone has two canines that are above the mouth and two below. Usually, canines appear between the ages of 16-20 months with upper canines appearing earlier than lower canines. However, in permanent teeth (adults), the order is reversed. Lower canine teeth will appear first than the top, which grows around the age of 9 years.
  • Premolar teeth

  • Premolar teeth are located next to canines, with a size larger than canines and incisors. The function of premolar teeth is to chew and grind food into small pieces so that it is easy to swallow. Adults usually have a total of eight premolar teeth, which are four teeth on each side, two teeth each at the top and two teeth at the bottom.
  • Molars

  • Molar teeth are the biggest and strongest of all. The function of molars is to chew and grind food. Generally adults have eight molars, which are divided into four at the top and four at the bottom bottom.
In addition, there are wisdom teeth which are located behind the molars. Wisdom teeth usually appear in adulthood, which is around the age of 17-25 years. Not everyone has room for wisdom teeth growth. In fact, sometimes wisdom teeth can cause complaints such as pain or swelling that occurs repeatedly, so it must be removed immediately. Teeth are one of the important organs in the body, so it is important to always maintain healthy teeth to ensure optimal dental function performance. It is also advisable to see a dentist at least twice a year or every 6 months.